DOA1731 (Vintage Melcor 1731) DIY KIT
DOA1731 (Vintage Melcor 1731) DIY KIT
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DOA1731 it is everyone's favorite and popular option Op-pam from MELCOR.
We took as a basis this version of MELCOR 1731 and created our new version.
Our target was to make the Assembly more simple and convenient for any level DIY lovers.
This option DOA is a high quality sound.
We are confident that this option will help you create a quality sound at a low cost kit

Assembly Manual download>>>

 Nick.p, 2020-11-24 14:04:13
The AVD doa1731 is the easiest doa i have built, it still requires patience and concentration, but you are rewarded with a sweet vintage tone that just sounds right. A nice balance of clarity and tone that helps a lot of different sources. I stuck with this doa in my 312's against a couple of other similar opamps from other companies. Don't think twice. Try some.

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