DIY KIT 1176LN rev.D (compressor)
DIY KIT 1176LN rev.D (compressor)
350 USD
Shipping: 40 USD
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This is our new project of legendary 1176LN compressor!
This project was replicated from vintage UREI1176 rev.D.
Used same original schematic and same design of front panel! 

The 1176 DIY kit contains:

  • Metal case with front panel
  • PCBs (Main PCB and two meter and ratio boards)
  • Power transformer (115V or 220V included)
  • INPUT and OUT transformers (BTC0115-PCB and TR5002)  
  • T-Pad 600ohm attenuator with T-Pad’s PCB
  • Switches kit (one for RATIO boards, second for GAIN board with 115/220V switch)

BOM for 1176 KIT download>>>

MOUSER CART download>>>

Assemblies Manual 1176LN compressor download>>>

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Sound sample of 1176:


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