MicPre "MP512" (DIY Kit)
MicPre "MP512" (DIY Kit)
160 USD
Shipping: 10 USD
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This micpreamp was created from new API module.
We wanted to receive same modern and best sound.
Use here new input transformer with 1:10 Ratio (as CMMI-10PCA, BT-115KE-PCA).
It gives to preamp clear mid range and good low frequency.
It will be best choose for those, who love new API sound!

Kit includes:
1)Main PCB (with 4ps of standoffs with screw)
3)Face plate
4)In & Out transformers (BT1019-PCB, TR2503)
5)T-Pad of AVDAUDIO version

BOM for MP512 download>>>

 Francisco Alonso, 2019-03-31 22:32:32
Is this kit available any where?

 AVDAUDIO, 2019-03-31 22:35:42
Hi! I hope near future will be able. Hope it happens in MAY.

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